General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) re-emphasizes and reinforces existing data protection principles in the European Union (EU). GDPR also adds new rules that are designed to expand legal and privacy rights protections for EU citizens.

At PacketAI, we understand the importance of data. We are wholly committed to providing the highest security standards and the protection of customer data. To reiterate the fact, our solutions, processes, and procedures are compliant with the GDPR obligations.

Any PacketAI user is provided the availability to both filter and mask personal data before customer data is submitted to our service.

Encrypt in Transit

We use TLS encryption for every internal and external communication between our services and external services. All of our application layer (layer 7) based communications are HTTPS based and network layer (layer 3-4) based communications are SSL based.

Encrypt at Rest

All of the collected user data and monitoring data are stored as encrypted with AWS KMS system by encryption keys. Also all of the snapshots and backups are encrypted as well at the place where they reside.

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Security PacketAI

Agent Security

PacketAI agents run on the host and collect monitoring data i.e. metrics, logs, traces (coming soon) from the entire stack and send them to our ingest service. Collected monitoring data is sent through TLS secured channels. After processing, received data is stored encrypted by AWS KMS at rest. By default all integrations are enabled and they capture the outgoing requests (messages, queries, request bodies, commands, etc …). If there is sensitive data or you don’t want these requests data to be captured, you can always enable masking them by configuration so they won’t be captured.

Data Access

All of the data stores (as well as the internal and external services) are behind VPC and they are not accessible from the outside of the private network. At PacketAI accesses to data stores are restricted and only admins are allowed to access them using strict data protection procedures and actions are audited by AWS CloudTrail logs.

Data Retention

Data retention depends on the user’s pricing plan.
If you want to delete your account, you can contact us at We will respond with the confirmation of deletion within 24 hours.

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Availability packetai


All the services and data stores in PacketAI are designed to be highly available components. We use highly scalable and open source databases to store collected data. Also collected monitoring data is backed up on AWS S3. All our services are highly available and resilient as they run at multi AZ with backups.
In addition to data stores, both of our collector and console applications run as multiple instances on multi AZ behind application load balancers and they can automatically scale up and down according to the system load.


All of our data stores and even caches, have daily backups so in case of a disaster, they can be restored to the latest day. The remaining changes can be restored by replaying events from S3 backups. In addition to S3 backups, data retention of our messaging queue, which is the stream of collected monitoring data, is 7 days, so that in case of the catastrophic failure of clusters, we can replay the data to be ingested.

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