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Many companies still use traditional tools to manage their ITOps workflow. In recent years, the migration to dynamic environments (cloud based microservices / containerized architectures) has created new complexities in the management of IT infrastructures. At the same time, the number of internal IT-dependent processes has increased, making autonomous monitoring tools almost a necessity.

An autonomous monitoring solution makes it easy to have complete infrastructure coverage, to anticipate IT incidents and to resolve them quickly.

What’s the ROI of an autonomous monitoring solution ?

With increasing IT complexity and performance requirements, monitoring solutions need to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to manage and optimize IT operations.

With the rapid advancement in algorithmic science, these autonomous monitoring solutions make it possible to move from reactive maintenance to predictive maintenance, to collect data, correlate anomalies to determine the root cause of the problem, to automate operations and to have visibility on the entire IT infrastructure.

We have identified five factors guaranteeing the return on investment -ROI- of an autonomous monitoring solution:

  • Reduction of the Mean Time To Repair (MTTR):
    An autonomous monitoring tool makes it possible to quickly find the cause of the problem (RCA) and thus help remediate incidents more effectively. By pre-processing data, running ML algorithms on both logs and metrics from different sources, the tool is able to considerably reduce the number of hours required to resolve IT incidents. On average, with a solution like ours, companies can reduce response time by 45% when the solution is fully implemented. Autonomous monitoring therefore contributes significantly to improving the productivity of IT teams.
  • Prevention of incidents and major point of failures:
    Our solution is able to recognize patterns, correlate ingredients to detect anomalies before they turn into incidents and impact the business. Thus, costly service impacting incidents can be avoided. Our artificial intelligence detects not only the “déjà-vu” i.e historical incidents using advanced supervised learning techniques but also the “Black Swans” using unsupervised learning techniques.
  • AI powered Root Cause Analysis (RCA):
    Our solution helps automate RCA and delivers the information needed for engineers to quickly resolve critical incidents. This greatly reduces and sometimes completely eliminates the human need during the resolution process. There are a few new features that we will be releasing by the end of the year to help our clients better manage the key skills within their organization. Contact us for more details.
  • Improved employee productivity:
    We cover the entire tech stack i.e from applications to infrastructure (including the network layer) which makes it easier for IT teams to have complete visibility under a single pane of glass, coordinate faster to resolve incidents more easily. By providing access to centralized resources coupled with efficiency of our ML algorithms, our solution can increase the overall productivity of teams and enable them to ensure business growth and stability.
  • Reduced licensing and outsourcing costs:
    Using multiple monitoring systems and tools to process logs, metrics, events across applications, servers and networks often tends to complicate IT infrastructure monitoring. This can lead to a lack of visibility and lengthy analysis. It is therefore in the best interests of companies to consolidate all these systems into one – preferably solutions which leverage the power of artificial intelligence in order to obtain better results.

Fast growing companies are thus increasingly turning towards autonomous monitoring solutions with cognitive capabilities. By implementing a solution like PacketAI’s, companies avoid using multiple solutions, reduce associated maintenance, while enjoying efficiency gains thanks to machine intelligence i.e AI. This enables improved streamlined ITOps processes within the company and reduces the costs of monitoring overall with increased efficiency.

Our autonomous monitoring solution can help reduce IT incident costs by up to 70%!


The objectives of ensuring the continuity of IT operations while minimizing costs have not changed but the solutions to achieve them are constantly evolving. Autonomous monitoring solutions are only interesting if they meet one or more of the fundamental needs of companies, namely stability, efficiency and agility.

PacketAI is the world’s first autonomous monitoring solution built for the modern age. Our solution has been developed after 5 years of intensive research in French & Canadian laboratories and we are backed by leading VC’s. To know more, book a free demo and get started today!

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